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Face the Dragon with Coach Dan

Your work and personal life should be filled with victories ~ but when you are constantly pushing yourself to achieve more, there are times when you will feel overwhelmed. Anyone who sets out to accomplish something big is, by definition, unqualified to do it on their own. Your ambitions are great, so your guidance must be equally potent. Coach Dan has the experience and the discipline to walk through the fire with you, and see your vision through.


Achieve Balance at Home

Balance your personal relationships for a better, more successful home life.


Excel in Business

Conquer your setbacks and succeed in your professional career.


Inspire Your Troops

Learn how to be a more effective leader for your organization.

Do You Have the Mindset to Succeed?

Dan is a serial entrepreneur, business development authority, international speaker and highly sought after martial arts teacher. If you're committed to your personal and professional development, Coach Dan can guide you to accomplish more with less.


Are you determined to take your brand or message to a greater audience but aren't sure what the next step is? Dan can demonstrate effective tools and help you cultivate the state of mind and the daily habits that are needed to raise your potential so that you will succeed in business, and life.

Whatever your professional ambitions are, your personal development must precede the victory you're intent on. Dan's method of coaching has been closely examined through years of active involvement with his students.

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